TVZion APK 3.8.1 (v46) Download Latest Version Free Android, Firestick, FireTV

Best Terrarium TV alternative TVZion APK 3.8.1 launched now, this is similar to BeeTV APK and Cinema APK , In this guide, I will take you to complete downloading and installation process of TVZION app on Android smartphones and Fire Stick 4K, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube.

If you are a TV freak and love to view your favorite programs on your little packet, TVZion APK is one of the best choices that fit well to almost everyone’s budget. It is one of the newest and on-demand apps specially designed and developed for Android users that enables you to stream free unlimited videos, channels, movies easily on your smartphone. Simplicity and easy to use interface are the main feature of this excellent application that has made it one of the best alternative for one of the most popular TV Streaming app, i.e. Terrarium TV.

This app is a great choice for your Firestick device as it offers you a remote-friendly interface for smooth operations. TVZion comes up with a well managed huge library from where you can easily search and stream your favorite program without any hesitation. We are here going to introduce with the beautiful features and an easy installation guide so that you can get a perfect solution for all of your queries.


TVZion APK Features

TVZion is a fully featured TV streaming app that not only enables you to stream your favorite programs and movies on your android smartphones but doesn’t charges any charges for that also. Here are some of the fantastic features of this app, have a glance:


The app comes up with a very sleek and user-friendly interface that everyone can efficiently manage. It has clean home, so you easily find different sections like TV, Movies etc.


TVZion comes up with a huge and well manage library where you can easily find out your favorite movies and TV shows with the help of just a simple category selection.

Auto Play & Auto Next

This app has Auto Play features and It has Auto play next episode when you complete the previous episode.

Android Compatibility

TVZion is 100% compatible with Android operating system, You can also run TVZion on your Amazon Firestick without any issues.

Cached torrent streaming

TVZion stream contents from torrents directly without the need of Real Debrid and Premium subscriptions.

Custom link filtering/sorting

You can easily sort/filter links by different options such as bitrate, resolution, Ping time, filesize, quality with TVZion to play the perfect link etc every time.

Advanced meta data detection

TVZion will now report EXACT resolution/bitrate to offer the best link available. Enough of guessing video quality with file size.

Others Features

  • TVZion Mod APK have free from ads.
  • TVZion app offers you the facility of streaming unlimited content for each user, it means that you are going to have extra entertainment now.
  • You can now easily have 500 hours of free viewing on each installation that you can easily extend by adding more time to it.
  • It is an entirely ad-free app, it means that you are not going to suffer from those annoying ads disturbing your streaming. It is a zero advertisement app that offers you uninterrupted streaming for hours, the only thing you need to have here is undisturbed and fast accessing internet connection, that’s it.
  • TVZion app is well designed and developed to support both real-debrid and Trakt.tv apps that add more into your streaming experience by improving it.
  • Auto-play ability of TVZion App is another one of the most fantastic features that needed to be appreciated. You don’t need to search for your TV programs or movies over and over again, turn on the auto-play option from Settings and enjoy seamless accessing time and again.
  • Compatibility is one of another beautiful feature that has added a lot in making it one of the most popular apps in the market today. TVZion app is well designed and developed for the Android operating systems but goes well with Kodi and Firestick as well.


TVZion APK 3.7.1 Changelog

Version 3.8.1

Fixed some errors

Version 3.8

Fixed some errors

Version 3.5.6

[Added] Reset show/movie progress by long pressing play/continue button. This will remove history for that show from Trakt. Progress resetting is only available to VIP Trakt members and hence removing history is the only way to reset progress for now.

[Optimize] [Trakt] Better mark/unmarked UI reporting

[Optimize] [PM] Premiumize server was timing out after 10 seconds to serve file list even though torrent was cached. Now timeout defaults to 60s and is configurable.

[Added] [Trakt] Seasons will now view as watched/unwatched. Mark as watched, unwatched by long pressing season.

[Trakt] Watched episodes will now be marked as watched on episode list without needing to refresh the page after playback.

[9Anime] Fixed.

Version 3.5.5

Fixed some issues

Version 3.5.2

Fixed some issues

Version 3.5.1

Fixed some issues

Version 3.4.1

1. HQ(4K?) free sources added [+3].

2. [ZionClub] HQ(4K) sources added [+3].

3. [ZionClub] sources fixed [+1].

4. Resolvers fixed [+1].

Version 3.4

1. [Introducing] Brand new Zion home – Now customize home widgets from TMDB, Trakt and more. Long press any home widget title to add/remove/ modify your own customized home.

2. [Introducing][Trakt] Trakt Browser – Now browser your Trakt Collection, watch list, history, lists, liked lits, featured lists as well as public Trakt trending, popular, collected, watched lits right from Zion home. Use the top left drop down to access Trakt browser.

3. [Introducing] Hide caught up content – When enabled it’ll only show you content with episodes you haven’t watched yet. [Settings > App management > Watch list > Hide]

4. [Optimized] Media tiles scrolling performance. MiBox/Oreo app lag fixed.

5.[Added] Option to change home tile sizes. Settings > Visuals > Home tile%

6.[Added] Sort watch list by last aired.

7. [Added] More Auto-play link count options.

8. [Added] [Trakt] Watched episodes will now show as watched in episode list.

9. [Added] [Trakt] Now mark/unmark episodes as watched in your Trakt profile by long pressing episode item (landscape) or long pressing play button (portrait)

10.[Added] [Trakt] Option to add item to Trakt (watch list, collection) when watch list button is long pressed.

11. [Added] [Trakt] Option to skip importing watched movies from Trakt

12. [Optimized] [Trakt] Trakt start up sync time.

13.[Fized] Resolvers [+1].

14. [Bugfix] IMDB year filter bug.

15.[Bugfix] CAM quality filtering was broken.

16. [Bugfix] [Trakt] Streamed episode/movie was not being

17. [Bugfix] [Trakt] Some items were not being imported from Trakt.

18. [Bugfix] [Trakt] Big Trakt accounts were not syncing.

19. [Bugfix] [Trakt] Trakt was always one episode behind.

20. [Bugfix] [Trakt] Start up Trakt sync was broken.

Version 3.3.7

  • Minor Update

Version 3.3.6

  • Fixed some bugs

Version 3.3.5

  • Fixed some bugs

Version 3.3.4

  • Fixed some bugs

Version 3.3.3

  • Scrapers Fixed.
  • High-Quality Sources Added.
  • RapidVideo Resolver Added.
  • Disable RD Option – Added.
    1. Improved link statistics – Now shows bitrate, ping time,

    1. Lots of sources [+25] – (Torrents, DDLSites [DDLValley, ScrScene, 2DL], Streaming sites)

    1. Mirror domain fallback – TVZion auto falls back to alternate mirror domains whenever available once it detects ISP blockade (both for sources and hosts)

    1. Bot check bypass – TVZion bypasses anti-bot checks whenever possible.

  1. Improved Trakt support

  2. Search Subtitle from more than 250+ languages

TVZion Apk 3.7 Info

Download TVZion APK 3.8.1 Direct

TVZion 3.8.1


TVZion 3.8


TVZion 3.7.1


TVZion 3.7


TVZion 3.6


TVZion 3.5.3


TVZion 3.5.2


TVZion 3.5.1


TVZion 3.4.2


TVZion 3.4.1


TVZion 3.4


TVZion 3.3.7


TVZion 3.3.6


TVZion 3.3.4


TVZion 3.3.3


TVZion 3.3.1


TVZion 3.2.3


TVZion 3.2.2


Download TVZion APK Adfree + Unlocked (MOD)


If you need live TV channel streaming we have OLA TV, which is one of the best application for TV Streaming.

Install TVZion on Android Smartphones

  • Download TVZion APK file from button provided here
  • Go to Setting, allow to install “Unknown Sources”

  • Than open APK file of TVZion from file manager
  • Open the app and click on “Install” button, Done.
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can open the app and enjoy streaming movies and TV shows

How to Install TVZion on Firestick/FireTV

Are you struggling in downloading and installing TVZion app on your android device or Firestick device, if yes; then you are going to have a perfect solution in this guide. Before going further with the installation, we are going to talk about prerequisites first as these are the things that can affect your installation process. You need to have a mouse, Firestick, and app source to continue your installation. Don’t forget to use VPN security as it may sometimes cause security issues while streaming free online movies and TV programs. If you already have done with it, follow the step by step installation guide to go further with the process.

  • Go to the Main Menu option of your device and then move forward with the Settings option over there.
  • Now click on the Device option and select Developers option to go further with the process.

  • Next, go to the Unknown Sources option to allow downloading from third-party sources and then click on the Apps option over there.

  • Turn it “On” and then get back to your Home Screen for further process.

  • Now go to the Search icon and then type in Downloader option there.
  • Once done with it, click on the Downloader App option over there followed by clicking on Download that will allow the downloading process to continue.
  • On the completion of the downloading process, open it and then press on the Allow for Downloader that will enable the downloader to access files of your device.
  • Now click on the Browser tab to go further with the process.

  • Go to the Javascript Disabled Message and then press OK there.

  • Go to the address bar option and then type URL: https://apkwale.com/download/2619/ to search for the possibility of TVZION app.
  • Once done, click Go to continue with the process.

  • Click on Download Button

  • Wait for the downloading process to complete.

  • You will receive an information message on the successful completion of the process, click on the Install option when prompted followed by clicking on Done.

  • You will be at Downloader now, click on Delete option twice here to get back to your device’s home screen.

  • Now, go to the option of Your Apps & Channels option and then long press on the TVZION option and then drag it to the top of the app list for easy searching.

  • On the successful completion of the installation process, you can easily access the app in the future from the device’s main menu anytime.

F.A.Q. On TVZion

What devices does it work on?

TVZion works on Android devices, it’s supported on Lollipop and above, It’s support devices like Amazon Firestick, Android TVs such as Fire TV, Nvidia Shield), Phones and tablets.

What permissions do you need?

TVZion doesn’t need any permission except “Unknown Source” for installation.

Does TVZion have Trakt support?

YES!, TVZion does support Trakt.tv

Does TVZion have Real debrid support?

YES! It also support Real Debrid for better viewing environment

Does TVZion have ChromeCast support?

YES! It does support chromecast.

Does it have External players support?

Yes, It has external players such as MX Player and VLC player as of now.

Does TVZion Support subtitle functionality?

TVZion has more than 255 subtitle languages so that you can enjoy the movies and TV shows in your native language.


Yes, It is 100% ad free


So, what are you waiting for? Just install this beautiful app on your device now and enjoy the seamless streaming of your favorite TV programs and movie channels without having any interference. And yes don’t forget about the fast internet connection, after all, it is the only thing that can cause an interruption in your streaming.

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